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Online casinos can be played with a vast range of wagering tactics and betting level. However, there are always three main gaming genres to get stuck into depending on your aspirations and casino gaming level………

Luck gaming
All online casino games can be played with luck – however the slots are a game that are specifically designed to be approached with pure chance because they can't be played with any real skill. The benefits of luck-based casino gaming is that you can win serious casino payouts such as the big jackpot won playing in Microgaming casinos in 2009:

€1,171,776.63 €6,374,434.00 $5,556,753.68 £1,094,112.81 $1,988,881.09 $1,745,475.28 $1,427,369.74 $1,216,556.76 $1,218,306.82 $1,402,573.91

The best bet for luck-based casino gaming is to play regularly with low-risk stakes – have fun and cross your fingers.

Skill games
Some online casino games are genuine skill and strategy games, playable with basic and advanced logic. For example, both video poker and blackjack can be played strategically in web casinos. Get hold of basic strategy charts to make statistically powerful wagers.

System gambling
Lastly there's the option of system gambling in online casino – combining elements of risk, logic and luck to try and win the games. For example, roulette is famously played with the Martingale roulette system below:

> Bet 1 credit red/black
> If you win re-start a new system
> If you lose double stake and re-spin
> Double wager until you win/reach your limit

Take care when playing online casino systems – they can deliver fast wins but can also wipe you out. Use leisure stakes, strict budgets and banking winnings regularly. Always know your limits and risks and aim to define what spend level will offer good value whether you strike wins or get blown out in the casino session.

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